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Bluewater Billfishing Paradise

Long established as the premier destination for Sailfish, Guatemala is fast building a reputation also for Blue Marlin.

The productive waters already hold records for numbers of billfish including most in a day on conventional (124) and on the fly (57).as well as most in a season. The same factors that attract such numbers of Sailfish also contribute to the catch rates of Blue Marlin interspersed with Black Marlin at times.

The fishery is largely undeveloped for Marlin, as the fleet has always focussed attention and tactics that target Sailfish – but even with the smaller baits and slower trolling speeds we have seen a consistent trend of improving raises for Blues that average 350-400lbs.  
Willing to combine and share a trip?
Because the fleet have not regularly targeted the Marlin, it is largely unknown as to the full potential – but we do have experience over past seasons of most boats raising at least one fish per day when the runs have been on.

Our sense is that if we direct our efforts towards Marlin tactics, these statistics can only improve, and we anticipate the fishery becoming a significant Bluewater destination for all pelagics over the coming seasons.

It is therefore a pioneering investment that is required – but the opportunity exists to be among the first to “discover” a new Marlin fishery, with the worst case outcome being to switch tactics and catch Sailfish either on conventional or fly until your arms fall off !

We have the boats, crews, equipment and gear – we just need some anglers with a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure to accompany us. We will work with you to adjust our tactics to yours to make it a thrilling adventure for all of us !
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